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The Chair - A Fiction Novel by Dee Larkin

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The Chair by Denise Larkin

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'The Chair' is a new novel that I am writing as I go along.  It will be published here weekly or as much as I can write. I will be writing it as I go along without any preparation. My creative mind will just type and let the words flow to see where it takes me. I will edit the story from time to time, but I will state that at the end of each chapter.

I want to share my creative writing with everyone in the hopes that it will get published one day.  It is a thrilling mystery romance with some science fiction and thrilling twists thrown into it.  

The story is set in a fictional New York City and is about a chair that has been invented by a scientist who believes he can transport peoples' minds to a different place and a fantasy of their choice.  

It's about Lucy Bridges who starts her new job with the eccentric scientist, Darrel Simmons. She becomes intrigued by his work and the chair.  What she does not know is what she is getting herself into by trying the chair out. Her experience with sitting in the chair gives her an idea.  

Whilst, using the chair, she meets a man on a train, but she does not get the chance to ask his name. She has been drawn to his handsome face whom she cannot forget.  So, she uses the image she has of him because she wants to see him again and she is curious to find out who he really is.  Of course, what she does not know is that she is on the brink of disaster!

There may be some characters from tv shows mentioned in this book. They will be mentioned because it will be Lucy's imagination by using 'the chair.'  Characters like Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder), Stephan Salvatore (Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries), Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell from The Arrow), Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) and Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki from Supernatural). Characters from The Walking Dead maybe mentioned too. These characters will only be mentioned briefly and only because I am a big fan of these shows!

Thank you for reading...

Now read Chapter One .......................

The characters in this book are completely fictional and are the copyright © of Dee Larkin 2018.

The trailer of my new book out on Amazon!

Copyright 2018  © Denise Larkin. All Rights Reserved.


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